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top-l My Services include:
Custom Facials (Regular and Machine Facials), ALL Waxing, Tinting, LED Phototherapy Facial Treatments, Chemical Peels, Body Treatments, Custom Airbrush Tans By Hand, Mobile Services & More!

I specialize in Custom Airbrush Tanning By Hand, and Brazilian Waxing

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Make-up By Erynn "The Painless Princess"
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Spray tan & Skincare by Erynn "The Painless Princess"

Waxing Treatments

In the past I have performed ALL waxing services from eyebrows all the way down to the feet (and everything in between). I have used a variety of different waxes (soft wax, hard wax, sensitive skin wax, stingless wax, exfoliating facial wax, brazilian wax, and more) as well as all of the preparation/aftercare product lines that were incorporated within each wax line. I am a brazilian waxing specialist as well as a brow arch specialist. I still maintain some brazilian, leg, and under arm waxes outside of Ulta. Currently, I am managing the waxing department at an Ulta Beauty working as the Lead Brow Arch Expert for Benefit Cosmetics on Maui, Hawai'i. Working for Benefit has been an absolutely amazing experience. Although I have been waxing for years, Benefit definitely puts it's own spin on a very mistake free execution process. Benefit has us brow map each and every client - so each client is measured using a special Benefit tool to see where their brows start, arch, and end per their face shape. This leaves no room for mistakes as the process is fool proof, built for perfect symmetry. We also make each client back up after each service so that they are looking glamorous instead of all red! I also must say that Benefit has the best wax product that I have ever used in my entire career. It is so nice and gentle with barely any histamine reactions; even all of my clients' comment on how wonderful it is! Come and see me at the Ulta Beauty in Kahului Maui for a brow wax fit to perfection! I can also very much recommend anywhere for former clients in the Tennessee, Georgia, or Mississippi areas for waxing services. Hawai'i as well!

Mobile Custom
Airbrush Tanning By Hand

All mobile sprays will be done by hand with BOLD Body Bronzing's HEATED personalized quick dry solutions. Choose from complementary scent of your choice.

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