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norvellmachinenorvellawardI have been an airbrush tanning technician for quite a while now, I have used numerous different brands and I discovered Norvell Sunless Solutions about four years ago. Norvell has been one of the leaders in sunless tanning for 10+ years now, and for good reason. There are many different color options to choose from, I carry 9 of them in the salon.


I no longer carry any of the Regular line solutions because they have since modified many of the solutions, so I now only carry Organic Regular and Organic Dark, Double Dark, Clear/Dry, Clear/Dry Premium, Venetian, Venetian ONE, Venetian Plus, and BLACKOUT. All sprays come with a complementary pH Balancing Prep Spray and Barrier Cream. I carry many of the Norvell Sunless products that are for sale in my office! I also give each client a packet of my personal instructions that will allow your tan to stay for much longer than 5-7 days, and if you really want the tan to stay, by using the product line you can keep it for up to 3 weeks, sometimes a month long!


As you can see to the left, my machine in the salon that allows me to hand spray each individual to suit their own personal needs both skin and body wise.


This past spring I ran a deal for my clients on Groupon that allowed them to get a $50 tan for $19, 3 $50 tans for $55, and 5 $50 tans for just $89. It was a HUGE hit and I ended up getting some wonderful loyal customers from the deal. I recently removed the deal because so much is changing in my world, especially with the airbrush tans. For a limited time, you can still purchase the same priced deal that was on Groupon in the salon! (Call 615.320.3110 to purchase through December 23rd). I have told my clients that the packages NEVER expire, they are here until you use them up! There are still a few of you who have not used all of your sessions up, I wanted to let you all know that I am going mobile with a few of my services-airbrush tanning included! However, I will not be using Norvell Sunless Solutions as my mobile color. I will be using BOLD Body Bronzing instead, for many great reasons! (Stay tuned for the BOLD Body Bronzing blog entry to find out why)!


Eventually, I will be switching over completely to BOLD Body Bronzing sunless solutions! I am very excited for this chapter to begin! Some time in the spring, I will be getting rid of the Norvell machine and all of the products (we are having a BIG sale on ALL Norvell products right now at the salon)! I encourage you ladies to use your sessions before the spring time comes; before there is no more Norvell in the salon! The mobile business is completely separate from the in-salon Norvell business, so the packages will not transfer over. What I will do for those that are unable to use their packages before the machine is gone, is I will give a limited time discount on the BOLD Body Bronzing sprays (which are all $50), so you will only have to pay the difference of the price which is $31.00. I will be sure to call and e-mail everyone who still has sessions left well before the machine is gone to inform you all!



BOLD Body Bronzing


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