BOLD Body Bronzing-Why The Switch?

BBB4As many of you know, I am making a permanent switch from Norvell Sunless Solutions to BOLD Body Bronzing Sunless Solutions. Recently a number of my clients have wanted to know why? I had been looking into going permanently mobile for some time because it is much less mess, more convenient for my clients' and for myself as well. I was recommended by a client of mine in the Pageant business to Kamela Brewer herself (the founder of BOLD Body Bronzing). Kamela was searching for someone to become BOLD Body Bronzing Nashville, and I am very thankful that I was the recommendation she received! Once I was asked to join the BOLD team, I researched the product line and the equipment very thoroughly. I found that the science behind the solution itself made much more sense than any solution I have used in the past because rather than choosing a box that might suit the skin tone of the client, I mix the solution PER CLIENT so that each client gets a color that is made just for them. It is MUCH more personalized this way and promises the perfect color made just for you every time! The heated gun technology was another reason. This means that every single spray is heated!!! I cannot tell you how many times a day I hear how cold and uncomfortable the spray tanning process is, even in the summer my clients' complain about the cold uncomfortable-ness of receiving a spray tan. It worsens in the winter time because it is already cold outside, this is actually one of the main reasons that the cold weather is considered "slow season" for airbrush tanning until around New Years Eve, when it seems clients' have no choice but to bite the bullet and get a freezing cold spray tan so that they are not washed out by the glitz and glamor of their New Years outfits. The heated gun technology also dries as I spray, so there is ZERO drying time and this also removes the sticky mess factor-which eliminates any room for poka-dots, lines, and any type of damage after the spray application.


 I also cannot tell you how many times a day before the spray starts, how each client expresses to me that they are unhappy with the way their body looks without any color and that for some reason a spray tan makes them feel better about the way their body looks. This is because the dark color of the spray contours the body making you look a little more trim than usual. With BOLD, not only is the color just right, but EVERY spray is a completely contoured spray that defines each client's muscles which makes you look even more fit than you would just receiving a regular spray tan. The contouring is complementary with every spray because it is done with the gun, rather than the extra time and double the price of  "A Contoured Spray" using Norvell Solutions. (A full body contoured spray is $100 when using Norvell solutions, because there is extra time involved for drawing and blending the contoured lines; whereas with BOLD it is a quick and easy process done with the gun as I'm spraying you which is why the price is still $50 for a completely contoured full body spray). Every BOLD spray is also scented! You are able to choose from 4 different scents which are also complementary with every spray. Norvell actually recently came out with scented spray technology which is an additional cost to your spray tan.


MESS FREE! There is no overspray or sticky mess involved because we will both be inside of a spacious spray tent, we can even do this in a one bedroom apartment and we will not get solution on the walls or the carpet or the floors, etc.


So now that you know why I am making the switch, I hope that you will make the switch with me and receive a gourmet spray for the stars each and every time! I am also the ONLY person in the greater Nashville area (which is a lot) who is allowed to use this product line, yep-that's can only get a BOLD sunless spray from yours truly!!


Now let's hear from BOLD: "BOLD BodyBronzing™ specializes in the first-ever, fully customizable, heated sunless airbrushing system for a relaxing spa-like experience rather than a freezing-cold, bone-chilling beauty episode. The heat dries as we spray so you are not left feeling wet or sticky and can get dressed sooner than all the other systems allow. This system combines advanced chemistry, groundbreaking engineering and unparalleled convenience to deliver a specially formulated, vitamin-enriched, fully customizable sunless tanning application every time you turn it on."


"BOLD was founded in 2009 by Kamela Brewer. Kamela was born and raised in a small fishing town in Alaska where the summers and sunshine only last a couple of months. Kamela moved to Las Vegas after high school to attend UNLV for Media Studies and to thaw out in sunny Vegas. A Marketing & PR executive, Kamela has 10 years of experience in Las Vegas including being part of the first year of operations of Sunset Tan at The Palms. Kamela has been recognized as one of Las Vegas’ “Top 30 Under 30” and Top 20 Women in Las Vegas Nightlife and Entertainment. Kamela was asked and honored to become the personal spray tan artist as well as the first and only Official Sunless Tanning Sponsor of the 2013 & 2014 Miss USA® pageants. She is currently focusing her energies on training and mentoring women around the globe so they too can start their own spray tan businesses and become successful entrepreneurs while making people feel beautiful both inside & out."


Be sure to check out the Mobile Airbrush Tanning section on the Photo Gallery page to see how beautiful and real these tans look!


BOLD Body Bronzing



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