A General Update!

So I know that it has been a WHILE since I have blogged about what has been going on with me professionally-I promise to bet MUCH better about that!

I guess that the last time I blogged on here, I was talking about how I had switched from Norvell airbrush tanning product to BOLD Body Bronzing, and how Gordon & CO. Salon was closing down one location, moving to another, and that I was going off on my own! These were all very exciting big changes!! 

I had never been happier switching from using the Norvell boxed color options, over to BOLD Body Bronzing (with whom I purchased a franchise from). BOLD as you've probably already read) was the first ever fully customized heated mobile spray technology, complete with scents to choose from, quick drying shower time options, full body contour, and pre and post moisturizing sprays to keep that tan for a long time! It was some of the BEST solution and equipment that I have ever used before. I did not however, bring my airbrush tanning equipment to Hawai'i when I moved because I was worried that the traveling would break or ruin something. When I arrived back to the states, I found out that BOLD Body Bronzing had actually dissolved its everything, and that the mother company is actually EVOLV-a world wide, very well known sunless tanning company. I am not so sure that EVOLV was aware that someone was franchising their equipment, etc.

ESTHI TIP~Be careful where you spend your money, especially when someone is offering you a franchise option!! I think that a LOT of what I was paying for was a waste of money. I handed over my airbrush tanning business to a local Nashvlle friend, Chelsea-the owner/operator of Beautifully Bronzed (Spray Tan Nashville), and she is doing everything that I was doing without having to shell out the big bucks for "help" that was clearly never necessarily needed. 

With the help of the wonderful EVOLV company, I will be back up and running with my custom airbrush tans by hand very soon!

As for Gordon & CO. Salon, they are killing it in their new wonderful and safe location in the Berry Hill area in Nashville. Gordon is still the best colorist in town and I would definitely advise you to check them out!


After leaving Nashville, I had a wonderful esthetic opportunity in Maui, Hawai'i ...so I took it! I was able to work in some of the finest resort spa's in Maui, learning a lot of new relaxing techniques and services that will leave you feeling like you've just left a resort spa in Hawai'i. I got to work with so many wonderful Hawaiian lines (and other wonderful lines as well). Leahlani Skincare-who actually got her start working for one of the same spa owner's that I had the pleasure of working for, Kona skincare as well, Maui Babe Bronzing, Eminence Organics Skincare (an organic line created in Hungary), Jurlique (an organic flower based line from Austrailia), and many more! 

At my final resort spa, I was working as an esthetician and a spa coordinator; Maui finally opened up its very first ULTA Beauty-and the very first one ever in the state of Hawai'i. Inside of that ULTA, there was Benefit Cosmetics-which comes complete with a full service facial waxing and tinting brow bar, where you can also get lashes done and make-up applications. I was hired to manage the waxing department as the Lead Brow Arch Expert. It was an opportunity that I just could not pass up! As you may well know, Benefit is one of the leading brands in eyebrows period, but especially their unique, fool proof waxing technique. They actually have a brow mapping tool with measurements on it and you map where each client's brows should start, arch, and end - per their face shape. So we are always able to have your brows looking like twins and not sisters, and each client that I had worked with for a year's brows were exactly where we had set goals for them to be a year prior! I will cherish those skills forever, it really is the best way that I have ever learned to do brows, and I highly recommend visiting your local Benefit Brow Bar for servicing - it is globally the exact same training and process in EVERY country, so that you can always expect the very same results. 

I worked for Benefit for about 3 years, and then my partner and I decided to make moves back to the mainland to be closer to family, to take all of the new knowledge I had learned in Hawai'i and bring it back to the mainland, to invest in things like buying a house and creating a Skin Studio just for me, and focus on my business once again! 

Esthi Tip~If you really want to up your brow game, you should take a year or more and work for Benefit's Brow Bar, they really do teach you all of the tricks that you will not learn in school, or even out in the work force on your own...I learned these tricks like 9/10 years into my career and am forever grateful for them! I also would recommend working DIRECTLY for Benefit, and not ULTA...less chaos, and better treatment!

I worked for Benefit inside of an ULTA in Colorado for one month, and decided that I had definitely outgrown the position, but will carry my brow arching expertise skills with me forever! 

I am now teaching Advanced Esthetics at New Dimensions Beauty Academy in Parker Colorado, as well as doing services part time at Spavia Spa in Boulder (a 5 star spa over looking the mountains). I am gettin my own Skin Studio ready for my clients! 

I have also launched my skincare line: Skin Witch Potions, so be on the look out for the new products that you can purchase right here on my site store! So far there is Potion No. 1: Universal Irritation Cream, and an Organic Cold Pressed Aloe Vera Cleansing Bar. There are 2 more products that I will be releasing in the next few weeks, as well as my boxes of 4 products! Stay tuned for a blog post on this as well! 

I just wanted to catch everybody up, since it has been a while! Look out for more detailed posts on everything that you've just read about!

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