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Comfort Skincare: Send us a message and find out which spa in the Boulder area you can come into and have a Comfort Italian Skincare facial given by Erynn herself!

IMAGE Skincare: Send us a message and find out which spa in the Boulder area you can come into and have an IMAGE facial given by Erynn herself!


Eminence Organics: COMING SOON! 

An all organic line created in 1958 and made in Hungary (outsourced in Canada) There's a line for everyon within the Eminence skincare line, and it is ALL organic!


Benefit Cosmetics: Benefit Cosmetics is a very well known cosmetics line that started in the 1970's by Jean and Jane Ford in San Francisco. It was a bold beautiful line made by women for women (hippies). As a consumer, this was a line that I always loved, and now that I am working for them, I love the line even more and have been thoroughly impressed by the ingredients as an esthetician. Visit Website


Leahlani Skincare: An all natural nut based skincare line created in Kauai, Hawai'i. FUN FACT: The founder of this company actually worked for my former employer and at the same former spa that I once worked at! It is a wonderful line! Visit Website


Jurlique: Jurlique is an all organic brand from the hills of South Australia, not a laboratory. It was founded in the 1980's by a horticulturalist and a botanist who specialized in growing healing herbs. Natural, from farm to face. Visit Website


glo therapeutics:
glo therapeutics' advanced skin care products are formulated with potent concentrations of active ingredients to clinically transform the skin. With their innovative technology and cutting-edge research this product line systematically targets specific skin conditions and concerns to deliver the most fast acting, corrective, beautiful results. Visit Website

glo minerals:
glo minerals is an advanced formulation that combines pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural high-pigment minerals and the power of antioxidants. The result is clinically advanced makeup that covers and helps correct and protect. glominerals cosmetics deliver unsurpassed coverage, broad spectrum UV protection and helps combat free radical damage. This clinical mineral makeup line is preferred by dermatologists and leading skincare professionals worldwide. Perfect skin isn't a matter of luck, it's a matter of science. glominerals makes science beautiful. Visit Website


































 BOLD Body Bronzing:
BOLD Body Bronzing
Available Now Through Mobile Services, Available Soon Through In-Salon Services!

BOLD Body Bronzing (EVOLV) is a Las Vegas based company that got it's start as the beautiful Playboy Bunnies' favorite sunless solution. BOLD was founded in 2009 by Kamela Brewer who has been recognized as one of Las Vegas' TOP 30 Under 30 and TOP 20 Women in Las Vegas Nightlife and Entertainment. Kamela was asked and honored to become the personal spray tan artist as well as the first and ONLY official sunless tanning sponsor of the 2013 and 2014 Miss USA Pageants. She is currently training/mentoring women around the globe to follow in her footsteps and start their own spray tanning businesses.

BOLD Body Bronzing specializes in the first-ever fully customizable heated sunless airbrushing system for a relaxing spa-like experience rather than a freezing cold beauty episode. The heat dries as we spray so you are not left feeling wet or sticky and can get dressed sooner than all other systems allow. This system combines advanced chemistry, groundbreaking engineering, and unparalleled convenience to deliver a specially formulated vitamin-enriched, fully customizable sunless tanning application every time. BOLD has now conjoined with EVOLV (the mother company that it came from), you will receive the exact same product, service, and retail products with some new and exciting updates!














BBB10exclusiveBBB*All sprays are heated!

*Complementary option of full body muscle contouring with each spray!

*Quick-Drying, NO drying time!

*All color is mixed according to your exact skin tone so there is no such thing as two of the same color tans!

*Choose from three scents complimentary with every spray!

*Solution washes out of all fabrics!

*Solution stays on for at least 6 hours, or you can pay an additional $10 to wash it off in just 4 hours!

*Lasts up to 10 days or more!

*Be careful in chlorine and salt water!

See Mobile Services For Pricing Information & More!


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